Safari FAQ's

Tanzania Safari Faq’s

Often people have various doubts regarding the safari details of Tanzania. You may find several frequently asked questions across the web but none will totally satisfy you as they are they incomplete. Apart from providing tailor made services just for you, We take the responsibility of clearing all existing queries of its clients. With the few most often asked Tanzania Safari Faq’s, we have tried to address these confusions so that all our experience a fantastic Tanzania Safari Tours.

How Do I Prepare For Tanzania?

Most often the challenges that you may face while planning for your Tanzania safari is – How do I prepare for Tanzania? Its natural to be confused about a place you have never visited or people you have never met. This is the reason we have prepared the perfect Tanzania Safari Packing List to assist you in taking all necessary equipments on your trip. Apart from that below are some other preparations you can do before your trip:

We suggest you to have a realistic Budget expectations This is because most often when you do not expect it expenses may arise. Preparing mentally and securing yourself financially is important. However our professional travel experts will provide you an average Tanzania Safari Cost after you email them your travel details.

Don’t Skimp on Tanzania big two Serengeti and Kilimanjaro: These two destinations are what Tanzania Safari is known for. So be mindful to add these locations on your package list.

Make time to visit Zanzibar: The serene white sand beaches of Zanzibar along with its rich ancient history make it the best time travel idea for many travellers.

Protect your Immune System: As you will be experiencing different time zones along with extreme weather and climatic conditions of Africa, it is necessary to take care of your health. While preparing yourself for the trip you can work towards increasing your immune system.

What Is The Best Food In Tanzania?

Another popular faq is What is the best food in Tanzania? Our personal favourite is rice served with beans that is so well-liked here. The local diet is generally starchy with ingredients like pilaf, beans, sorghum, millet and cornmeal. Tanzanian meals give you the most fulfilling dining experience. You will fall in love with the local taste.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Visa For Tanzania?

Travel visa is the most important travel document that you cannot miss while travelling. We are often asked in our Tanzania Safari Faq’s tons of questions related to – How long does it take to get a visa for Tanzania? It typically takes 2-15+ days to process in the Tanzania Embassy/Consulate depending on the consulate that we need to send the application. So apply at least two-three weeks early do avoid delay. You can now apply for Tanzania visa online.

How To Book A Safari In Tanzania?

Wondering how to book a safari in Tanzania? We are here to resolve your problems. Our prime motivation is to make your Tanzania Safari Tours as delightful as possible.We have a list of simple steps you can take with our guided assistance in booking your safari Visa instantaneously.

 Decide what do I want to do in Tanzania: First things first, research about different locations and activities in Tanzania and make a list of it. Or you can simplify your task and just talk to one of our travel experts. They will assist you in finalising a personalised travel package.

 Call our staff for how much does a safari cost: Our staff will let you know of the prices of various safari activities once they receive an email of list of locations and activities from your side.

 Paying for a Tanzania safari: You can pay us in instalments or complete payment in case you wish to avail special offers like some added Tanzanian activities.

That’s all you need to do and rest of your safari and its success is our responsibility.

What To Wear On Safari In Tanzania?

For those pondering – What to wear on safari in Tanzania? Your answer is here:
Casual, comfortable and easy to wash clothes must be part of your Tanzania Safari Packing List. This is because Safaris are informal, and there is least requirement to dress up. Your Clothes for Safari in Tanzania must be layered to adjust to temperature changes. In Tanzania tours the morning game drives can be quite cold while daytime temperatures are warm. For those still pondering what to wear on a Safari in Tanzania – we suggest you include neutral or khaki colours and avoid wearing dark blue or black clothes. This is because the later attracts tsetse flies.

How Long Does It Take To Get To Tanzania On Safari?

So are you having doubts about – How long does it take to get to Tanzania on safari?
The ideal length for northern circuit ;safari is between 8 and 10 days. This duration will help you to explore the key components of the parks in the circuit without being too rushed.

Is Tanzania Good For Safari?

Tanzanian subcontinent is not just diverse and unique but also rich in traditions, culture and cuisines. We are often asked in the Tanzania Safari Faq’s if Tanzania is a worthy destination to visit?
The answer is a big YES! One of the best safari destinations on the African continent is Tanzania which is home to world-famous game reserves including the iconic Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and more. So you must visit this country once in a lifetime. Your Tanzania Safety is our top most priority and you must not worry about it.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Tanzania?

The Dry season, from late June to October, when wildlife viewing is generally at its best is the best time to visit TanzaniaThis period is also perfect for the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti which is usually during June and July.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

A typical day in Tanzania would start with a warm cosy breakfast in your premium hotels following which our driver will take you to the safari destination around noon. You will view wildlife and if the season permits the great migration in Serengeti. You will then return home at around 5-6pm. For lunch you will stop in a picnic area which are safe and secure with toilet facilities.