Our Fleet

Our safari vehicles have been specifically customized to enhance your safari experience to the fullest. Within our fleet, we proudly possess our distinctive 7-seater safari vehicle. These vehicles are equipped with unique features such as a pop-up roof and sliding windows, perfectly tailored for optimal game viewing, tourism, and professional photography. These attributes collectively contribute to creating an unforgettable safari adventure. Prior to each departure, rigorous cleansing and sanitization procedures are diligently carried out, complemented by regular maintenance performed by skilled technicians, ensuring the highest standards of safety and protection.

To further elevate your comfort, every passenger is assured a window seat, granting ample legroom to move around with ease. Given the potential of spending extended periods, sometimes up to ten hours a day, within the vehicle, this aspect significantly adds to your overall enjoyment and satisfaction.

Vehicle Amenities

First Aid

Every safari vehicle comes with a complete first-aid kit. Our guides are well-trained to utilize these kits if an emergency arises and have been directed to transport to nearby medical centers for additional aid when necessary.

Book & Map

We strive to ensure your safari experience is both enjoyable and educational. You'll discover an assortment of books covering mammals and birds, along with comprehensive maps of the region.

Pop up Roof

To thoroughly relish wildlife experiences, your safari vehicle comes equipped with an open roof that permits you to stand and delight in your game drive.

Larger Window

Every customer is provided with a window seat featuring expansive windows, guaranteeing an exceptional and remarkable wildlife viewing adventure.

Compact Freezer

Our vehicles come with a compact freezer designed to store your beverages during your Game Drive. We offer drinking water, and there's also an option for soft drinks. Please refer to your itinerary to determine the inclusions.

Charging System

For individuals who relish capturing moments while on safari or just staying in the loop, our vehicles come complete with a charging setup tailored for your Phones, Cameras, and Laptops.